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Product Type: Mechanical

Color Classification: Green, Military Green, Blue, Black, Etc

Agricultural Machinery Type: Four / Six Wheel Tractor, Crane, Electric Motor, Etc

Horsepower Classification: 25 / 28 / 32 / 36

Applicable Industries: Agriculture, Engineering, Etc

Product Details

It has strong applicability to the environment, and can replace people to engage in dangerous and harmful operations. In places where long-term work is harmful to human body, the manipulator will not be affected. As long as the work-piece environment is reasonably neglected and appropriate materials and structures are selected, the manipulator can work under the action of abnormal high temperature or low temperature, abnormal pressure and harmful gases, dust and radiation.

The manipulator can be durable and hard-working. It can liberate people from heavy and monotonous work, and expand and extend their functions. As long as we pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the manipulator, we can be competent for the monotonous repetitive work for a long time.

Accurate action can ensure and improve the quality of products, and avoid human errors.

It has good versatility and flexibility, especially the general industrial manipulator, which can adapt to the requirements of rapid changes in product varieties and meet the needs of flexible production. This is because the manipulator action program and motion position (or trajectory) can be changed flexibly, with many degrees of freedom, which can quickly change the operation content and meet the production requirements. As the automation of medium and small batch production, it can play its best role.